Reactivate Disabled Facebook Advertising Account

Did Facebook restrict or disable your Facebook ad account or page? You appealed for it but swiftly rejected it? Wondering how to appeal the decision or reactivate your ad account and get your ads up and running again?
Don’t worry, We will help you to fix and reactivate your disabled Facebook or Instagram ad account.

As A Life Safer!

Reactivate Your Disabled Facebook Ads account, Page and Reinstall restricted advertising access

Facebook ads account is the most important for any business, But one of the biggest problem- Facebook disable ad account for violating their ad policy. For this reason, clients have to end up their business with disabled ad accounts.

Has your Facebook ad account been disabled? Now you are thinking about what to do! Don’t worry! We will help you to fix and reactivate your disabled Facebook ad account or Business Manager Account, and reinstall your restricted advertising access.

Our Services:
Helping Restore a Disabled Meta Ads Account, Reactivate Facebook Restricted Advertising Access, Fixing Disabled Business Manager Account, Fixing Instagram Disabled Ads Account, Fixing Pixel Issues and Setting it up, Increasing Ad Account Limits, Catalog and Instagram shop setup, Disapproved Ads approve, Account Verification, Ad account and Pages Setup, Social Media Management and Monitoring, TikTok Agency Ad Account Setup, E-commerce Website Design

Disabled Facebook Ad Account Reactivation

Restricted Advertising Access Reactivation

We will reactivate your restricted Facebook advertising access.

Reactivate Disabled Facebook Ad Account

Disabled Facebook Ad Account Reactivation

We will reactivate your Facebook Ad Account, Page or Instagram Ads Account that has been disabled.

Restricted Advertising Access Reactivation

Govt Identity Verified Facebook Account

We will create and setup govt identity verified Facebook Advertising Account + Business Manager and Ad Account.


Verified Business Manager Account with Unlimited Spending Limits

We will setup a verified Business Manager Account and ad account with 250$ to unlimited ad spending limits.

Fixing Facebook Pixel Issues and Setup

Fixing Facebook Pixel Issues and Setup

We will fix Facebook Pixel Issues and set up it properly on Shopify, Wix, WordPress Website, Ecommerce, or any other Website.

Facebook Catalog and Instagram shop setup

Facebook Catalog and Instagram shop setup

We will setup Facebook Catalog and Instagram Shop which holds information about all the items you want to advertise.

TikTok Agency Ad Account

We will help you to setup TikTok Agency Ad account, whether you own the account or you manage the account on behalf of a client.

Facebook Advertising Management

We will create and manage Facebook & Instagram Advertising. (Create and manage ads, Conversion pixel creation, Audiences created for retargeting, Daily monitoring of the ads)

Social Media Management and Monitoring

We will Create, Optimize and manage your accounts. (Content creation, Searching and using trending hashtags, Scheduling posts/day, Grow organic followers)

Unblock website or Shopify URL

Unblock website or Shopify URL

We will unblock your website URL link or Shopify Store that has been blocked on Facebook and Instagram.

Disabled Facebook Ad Account Reactivation

Setting up Business Manager Accounts

We will create and setup business Manager account and ad account. Ad Spending limits 50$-250$

Disabled Facebook Ad Account

Account verification and Page Setup

We will help you to verify your Facebook Advertising Access and setup your business pages.

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Thank you very much. It’s really great! In a few days it solved my BM blocking problem.

Disabled Facebook Ad Account



Rahat is a wizard of FB – if your account was disabled find this guy.

Disabled Facebook Ad Account


United States

Rahat is an absolute genius and life saver in my opinion. He managed to get my Facebook ad account unrestricted in under 2 days. I’d thoroughly recommend his services to anyone who is having trouble with their facebook account and needs it fixing fast. Thank you.

Disabled Facebook Ad Account


United Kingdom

Excellent job! Rahat was very professional and did his very best in order to complete all my requirements. Exceeding expectations, for sure we will collaborate again. Highly recommended!

Disabled Facebook Ad Account



Fantastic experience! I was speaking with the seller within 5 minutes of contacting them and my issue was successfully resolved in no time! The seller was very communicative and great to work with! I’d highly recommend using this seller as they went beyond my original ask to make sure that I didn’t have any other problems.

Disabled Facebook Ad Account

Keller Tomassi

United States

My Facebook Ad Account had a delivery account error I could not figure out how to solve it, it was not the famous billing problem, or any kind of ad problem. The seller found what the issue was and fixed it for me within the timeline offered. The seller was very efficient, and we had excellent communication. I will certainly hire this seller again for any further problem of this kind.

Disabled Facebook Ad Account

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